VATN Display

VATN display

Ideal for Industrial Automotive/Medical Application/POS Machine/Wearable Device/Home appliances

VATN(Vertically Aligned Twisted Nematic), VA, MVA LCD is type of LCD display featured with a wide viewing angle and high contrast. Some of other applications of VATN LCD Display can be used for cooking machines, e.g. coffee machine and smart oven.

Below are the key advantages of VATN Display:

  • Super high contrast ratio: can be up to 120:1
  • Wide viewing angle: around 170(H) 110(V)
  • Mode: Negative mode only
  • Deeper-black background
  • Color : Red LCD display, green LCD display, blue LCD display, yellow LCD display, white LCD display
  • High backlight brightness
  • Wide operating temperature (-40°C ~ 85°C)

The LCD screen has 4 colours to provide customized options. Due to its high contrast ratio, it has the perfect color performance and high temperature resistance feature. Giantpower can even produce the VATN which is similar to IPS, has no viewing angle limited product. Below are the applications suitable for VATN.


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