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Whether you have encountered unsolvable specifications/quality problems when using a liquid crystal display (LCD). We have excellent design capabilities, production experience and technical expertise to help customers solve the display problems.

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Case 1

Is your display has a cross missing?

Giantpower has unique capabilities in production process control. We have our own product testing methods ensuring product quality and maintain customer expectations.

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Case 2

Is your display has a missing shadow?

The main reason is imperfect design and process control. Giantpower has a wealth of design experience and proper management capabilities. We have a proper production method to ensure the problems are occurring.

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Case 3

Is there an uneven display?

This issue occurs because there is a low voltage driving the liquid crystal in a high-temperature environment. Giantpower solved the issues by strict control of raw materials selection and manufacturing process for such products, raw materials including PI/frame glue / liquid crystal material, etc… We also carry a strict control of the ions factors pollution and temperature environment control in the manufacturing process.

These issues can also be Cross Talk. This issue is a result of the IC drive capability is weak therefore caused the driving waveform formation is incomplete. We have the ability for a high-quality ITO design capability and to lower the control of LCD power consumption, providing you with the perfect display panel.

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Case 4

Is your display not working at extreme temperatures?

At Giantpower, we built up the wide temperature TFT LCM LCD which can perfectly be working up in -40C° (-40F°). With the help of excellent material combination with a high-quality manufacture process. Your display can withstand in such extreme temperature.

Case 5

The display backlight is not stable?

The main reason is that LED chips are affected by ESD damage. We have developed a special testing method for display backlights throughout the years of experimenting and testing. From the selection of Liquid crystal materials to the ionic contamination filtering process, we can meet your display needs based on expected temperature and environment working condition. We can select out the defective LED chip products before shipment, and provide you with the perfectly fine display panel.

Chinese Patents Codes: 201711033482.0

Case 6

Is your monochrome displays colour shade went rogue due to a mass production cycle?

For monochrome displays with overly contrast shade, your original manufacturing supplier might not be aware of this issue because there were not have an established agreement from you and how your manufacturing process.

We made sure of production quality by limited amount displays sample by batches checks before going into the next round of production cycle, avoiding disputes as for our ongoing production process.

The colour displays white backlight becomes bluish or yellow, or even greenish reddish because of how the principle of TFT colour filter and LED package.

Many of our clients trust us for our raw material supply chain procurement management when we packaged. There are many cases gained our client’s trust!

Case 7

Are your touch displays showing the Ghost Touch?

As the displays not interference by an actual human’s physical touch and display such issues because of the outside world radio or wavelength technology noise interference near the production cycle. Those interferences cause the displays to misidentify and receive the signal to generate this action.

Technical Services and Advices

Do you obtain the LCD-Module, but could not lit normally? Giantpower can provide you with the LCD-Module Initialization code and recommended setting for the reading and timing functions. We can also provide a programming service for our clients to write a custom program.

Our product like CTP can provide programming examples with various OS platforms. At the same time, we adjust our program based on our client’s operating environment for a better usability experience.

Giantpower's monochrome and colour displays can provide any electronic devices specifications from I/O microcontroller to SPI/I2C/RGB/LVDS/MIPI CPU.

We can adjust our standard based on our client’s requirements like display resolution/brightness requirements /Interface/product size, etc… as long as you have the initial concept on your electronic product design. Giantpower can provide you with design evaluation services and development consulting, for cutting down the production timeframes and costs.

Our technical development teams have over 20 years of experience, we can recommend you the best choice to complete your design concept base on /supply life/cost considerations/special applications and other factors.

Giantpower can provide graphics accelerator to your product, so you don’t need to upgrade your microcontroller to MCU. You can keep your existing microcontroller for avoiding the whole system upgrade cost. Giantpower offers total solution on the display module.

The displays’ contrast/perspective/background/brightness, etc... are the key factors to the product’s quality. Giantpower has a strict manufacturing process, environment setting, and material selection to enhance your product with our technical abilities.

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