Industrial Displays

We have years of experience developing displays and electric panels for industrial industries application. Our displays endurance harsh environments in extreme temperatures, and high humidity. Giantpower designed and assembled custom displays with shock/dust/oil-proof/waterproof abilities matching with IP standard/impact IK standard and other structures/circuits.

We provide Monochrome LCD segment/character/Graphic type, TFT LCM and Touch Display. The specifications can be made according to customer's requirements.

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Automotive Displays

Giantpower’s Monochrome LCD displays and Color TFT displays are made for audio, air conditioning and in-vehicle dashboards for motorcycles/electric vehicles/farming machines/industrial vehicles uses. We also provided Touch display solutions, and cover lens design for your specifications on the customer needs. Our products feature high brightness/contrast/resolution with a wider viewing angle; options for low reflectivity, adorable in extreme temperature, ensuring longer lasting product life and reliability for all conditions.

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Medical Displays

We have a long-term relationship supplying medical suppliers for their instrument displays and touch screens. Our products can be combined with both resistive and capacitive options, offering both high contrast and wider viewing angles. Giantpower’s display combined with omnidirectional Customized touch panel, capable meet product requirements with high-quality standards and specifications.

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Giantpower has experienced working with new developments and emerging technologies. Our displays have been used parts of displays on IOT products or Touch panels, facilitating human-machine interface communication. Our displays have been used as parts of display on IOT or HMI screen applications. Please visit Giantpower TFT LCM Product Specification List for more detailed list.

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LCD & LCM Displays Manufacturer

Do you have unique requirements or specifications? We can help you with your custom display needs and standard.

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