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Callio- Giantpower Customization LCD supplier/ LCM manufacture / LCD factory


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Callio Giantpower
Factory Established in August, 2005
Registered Capital $18 million USD
Dong Guan Factory Area 10,800 m2
Rui Jin Factory Area 12,672 m2
Number of Employees 800

At Giantpower, we provide LCD and LCM displays and modules manufacturing for your electronic applications through mass productions. We customize the displays and modules for your applications on different sizes and purposes. We provide STN, VATN, TFT, LCM, VA, MVA, LCD, LCM, TFT, VFD display and VFD substitute. Our clients include Honeywell, Sony, Emerson and many more globally. We are the leading LCD supplier company in the LCD TFT industry.

Callio-Giantpower is a LCD supplier in Taiwan. Callio Industrial Co., LTD is the headquarter which was founded in 1991, Taipei, Taiwan, and manufacturing factories in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province, China . Our products are widely used in electronic, household, communication, instrument, car, medical and multiple industries.

Giantpower has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and TATF16949 certifications. We have over 20-years of experience, providing research and development with our customers for joint OEM/ODM development and custom LCD display services. We embrace creative management mode and world-class quality control system, as well as an excellent LCD screen manufacturer, LCD display supplier for lower the production cost, satisfy customer quality demand, and provide the best solutions and services.

assembly production

Our Facilities & Equipments

Our LCM module manufacturing includes: COG/COB/TAB/SMT products, of which COG has 4 production lines, monthly production capacity 1KK, FOG has 8 production lines, monthly production capacity of 1.2KK, OEM has 4 production lines, monthly production capacity 600K, TFT The product size range is 0.96-15”, and various types of touch screens can be added according to the clients needs. Giantpower’s products are widely used in electronics, appliances, communications instrumentation, instrumentation, automotive, medical applications and many more.

full automatic bonding machineFull Automatic Bonding Machine
automatic chip mounterAutomatic Chip Mounter
assembly productionFOG Assembly Production
automatic edgerAutomatic Edger
auto pin productionAuto Pin Production
exposure machineExposure Machine
pasma washing mechinePasma Washing Mechine
pre-pr cleaningPre-PI Cleaning

Our Teams

At Giantpower, we have the best technical development team, many of whom are well-known technical experts with more than 20 years of experience in the LCD/LCM industry. We also have an independent research team and a consultant team to develop products with our clients together. In terms of management, our company uses innovative management model to reduce costs, a strict systematic process to control the quality, and with the help of our partnerships suppliers for raw materials. Giantpower is here to meet our client's requirements and to provide the best products to all our end customers with the best quality.

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