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High Brightness LCD TFT

Nominally the basic brightness of inside usage is 200-300cd/m². Now Giant Power has developed and produced our own high brightness LCD TFT which is suitable for reading under sunlight. Our sunlight readable LCD TFT can be customized by adding a touch panel display for outdoor applications.

You don’t need to worry about any overpower consumption issue and also the engine overheating problems. We have the ability to design the custom LCD display based on each customer’s requirements. We can not only enhance the brightness but also can extend the lifetime of our LCD LCM TFT display. LED high brightness display is the most popular high brightness displaying for small and medium LCDs. The advantages of LED high_brightness_displaying are its low cost, long life, immunity to vibration, low operational voltage, and precise control over its intensity.

The main drawback is it does require more power than most of the other methods, and this is a major drawback if the LCD size is large enough. LED high_brightness_displays to come in a variety of colours: green, red, blue, orange etc, and now white is becoming cost-effective and very popular. The LED high_brightness_display has two basic configurations: Array and Edge-Lit. In both types, the LEDs are the light source that is focused into a diffuser that distributes the light evenly behind the viewing area. In Array lit configuration there are many LEDs mounted uniformly behind the display, it offers more uniform and brighter lighting and consumes more power. In Edge-Lit configuration, the LEDs are mounted to side (typically the top) as the light source which is focused into the diffuser, it offers a thinner package and consumes less power.

The highly integrated customization capability of LED high_brightness_display also enables the products to fit well to specific customer design needs, making the products unique to the customers’ applications. Product sizes included 3.5" Liquid Display4.3" TFT5" Liquid Display and 10.1" Liquid Display.

Solutions of overheating problems Callio Giantpower will use the backlight of cast aluminium (Picture 1) to do heat dissipation which is caused by high brightness LED lamps. After the surface temperature testing (picture 2), our product can keep not only the high brightness performance but also avoid the engine overheating problems.

If you want to know more sizes and products offered, please visit Giantpower TFT LCM Product Specfication List.

backlight of cast aluminiumPicture 1, backlight of cast aluminium
surface temperature testingPicture 2, surface temperature testing

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