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Our team highly qualified collaborates with project stakeholders to create innovative and efficient structural designs, provide clear documentation, and support during all the OEM or ODM project process.

LCD Solutions Provider to all your requirements. If you have demands for CUSTOM LCD Products for Character, Graphic, and LCD Glass Panels, we are the best solution for your TFT LCD Modules requirement. We strive to provide uncompromising services to our customers by offering high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Service OEM/ODM

System Integration for Customers

We provide Communication interface design and custom TFT/OLED/STN/7 Segment LCD, and more services included:


  • GUI Programming
  • Multi-language Font

Output Interface

  • GPIO Contact Point
  • Custom Display rendering of User Interface

Inputs for User Interface

  • Custom Touch Screen
  • Membrane Switches/Tact Switches
  • Silicon Keypads

Driver Boards

  • PCB Custom shape and size
  • Mounting options and methods
  • Full embedded display solutions
System Integration for Customers

Display Application Integration Board

Display application integration board is not only for transiting the signal towards different interfaces. Our display application integration board can help to cost down the software development based on each application of every customer.

What we can do:

  • High performance, low cost
  • Display application integration board supports MIPI, RGB], LVDS, CPU, SPI
  • Fast adaption
  • Our display application integration board can support different resolution panels
  • Application: Medical/Industrial/Home Appliance/Automotive

We can help you to save these expenses:

  • Software investment
  • SW Driver
  • MCU
  • UI Design

Our Advantage

Our display application integration board is able to adapt with differnt sizes and interfaces. It also adapts to the same and different system architectures with quick change of specifectition, and fast evaluation for new product.

The UI emulator is fast to implementat, and required no in house engineering teams for assitant.

Display Application Integration Board

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