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RTP & CTP touch panel, touchscreen

Giantpower integrated panel design, manufacturing and controller circuit design capabilities to provide a complete projected CTP & RTP touch screen resolution. Based on a long-established touch panel and controller design/production technology, Alum's projected CTP & RTP + touch panel products are more widely used in different environments and are suitable for applications requiring durability and durability, such as: Outdoor, mass transit systems, water-proof, more suitable for industrial control, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Home, AI, Shipping.

Projected capacitive touch panels with standard and custom cover lens options, give your organization a more flexible option for assembly and price. Surface treatment corresponds to the common needs of capacitive touch products, such as anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-fouling and other functions, have been introduced into the projected capacitive touch panel product specifications.

If you want to know more sizes offered, please visit Giantpower TFT LCM Product Specfication List.

touch display
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