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AI Display

AI Interfaces

Displays for the touch interfaces use or unique use on AI Products and Digitals.

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Security System

IOT Displays

Customized designed monitoring panels with quality and services for innovation.

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Medical Monitor

Medical Displays

High-resolution, high-brightness, high contrast medical display panels meeting safety standards.

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About Callio Giantpower

Callio-Giantpower is a LCD supplier in Taiwan. Callio Industrial Co., LTD is the headquarter which was founded in 1991, Taipei, Taiwan, and manufacturing factory in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Our products are widely used in electronic, household, communication, instrument, car, medical and multiple industries.

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Custom OEM/ODM

Collaborates with our team to create innovative and efficient structural designs.

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LCD & LCM Displays Manufacturer

Do you have unique requirements or specifications? We can help you with your custom display needs and standard.

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